Programs, Degrees, and Certificates


The degree and certificate curricula at Assiut University are under continuous review and are, therefore, subject to change and update for improvement according to the requirements of local and national community. The University also offers diplomas and short courses to sustain quality and constant development of the alumni.
Degree Offered
Bachelor of Arts, Science, Education, Law, Commerce, Specific Education, Computers and Information, Agriculture, and Social Work, and Physical Education. (4 Years).
Bachelor of Dentistry, Engineering, Pharmacy, Vet. Med (5 Years).
Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery  (6 Years).
Graduate Diplomas  (1-2 Years).
M.A., M. Sc. (min. 2 Years).
Ph. D. (min. 2 Years).
Language of Instruction:
Arabic & English in addition to other languages in specific programs of French and German.