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The simulated Arab League model at Assiut University calls for a resounding cry, declaring categorical rejection of the US president's decision on the Syrian Golan Heights
Today Assiut University concluded the proceedings of the closing session of the simulation model of the League of Arab States, organized by the Department of Education Political Director, General administration of Youth Welfare in cooperation with the Union of University Students entitled "Together We Can."
The simulation model dealt with the Syrian issue and its repercussions according to the latest developments in the arena, especially after the decision of the US President to consider the land of the Golan Heights within the sovereign territories of Israel .
In this context, Dr. Abdel-Salam Noyer explained that the model of simulation of the Arab League has witnessed tremendous progress as one of the most prominent student activities that has received the participation of students from all teams and colleges, whether theoretical or practical, which feeds the freedom of expressing opinion and expression among students. He pointed out its importance in supporting the spirit of belonging among young people towards nationalism .