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Assiut UNiversity launches its Ramadan nights: the forum of the creative student by singing and talking about religious tolerance in Islam
Pro.Dr. Shehata Ghareeb, Vice President of Assiut University for Education and Student Affairs, announced the launch of the Ramadan Nights Program, organized by the University under the title "The Forum of the Creative Student" under the auspices of Prof.Dr. Tarek El Gammal, President of Assiut University.
The Vice President of the University said that the proceedings of the creative student forum comes within the framework of the cultural and enlightenment role of the university and its responsibility in building the human (intellectually and morally). The forum extends over a period of 12 days in the period from 5 Ramadan to 19 Ramadan. The activities vary between Ramadan sessions in various sports fields, such as Football, table tennis and chess, and religious competitions in memorization of the Holy Quran, recitations and religious songs, as well as a number of symposia.