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El-Sisi honors a professor at Assiut University for winning the State Appreciation Award at the Science Day Festival
Assiut University President, Prof.Dr. Tarek El-Gammal, announced that Dr. Iman Khader, Professor Emeritus, Department of Neurology and Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine and who received the State appreciation awards in medical sciences in 2018, has been honored during the celebration of the Science Day in the presence of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi. This day was organized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, which witnessed the presence of a number of members of the Council of Ministers and heads of universities and research centers to honor a number of Egyptian scientists and winners of the Nile and appreciation awards for 2017 and 2018 .
In the same context, Dr. Iman Khadr expressed her pride in being honored by President ElSisi, which is a tribute to the professors of Assiut University and its distinguished scientists in various fields.