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Assiut University holds a consultative meeting with the delegation of Moscow University for Geological Exploration to discuss the upcoming fields of cooperation
Professor Tarek El-Jammal, President of Assiut University, confirmed that the areas of cooperation exist between Assiut University and a number of Russian universities over the past decades, which includes areas of scientific and cultural cooperation, which represents a uniqueness of assiut university at the level of Egyptian universities and one of the brilliant activity the field of International relations of the University.
For his part, professor Ahmed El Manshawi, Vice President of Graduate Studies and Research, referred specifically to the special relations that the university has with Moscow University for Geological Exploration, which witnessed the reception of a delegation from the Administration of the Russian University in Assiut University, which was followed by an extended visit The Vice-President of the University to the Russian University in response to her invitation in early April and participate in the Fourteenth International Conference of Geological Sciences and learn about the possibility of opening new areas of cooperation.
In addition to the cooperation, professor Hassan Abdul Hamid Suleiman, coordinator of Assiut University relations with the Russian Federation, revealed to him the delegation of Moscow University for Geological Exploration in the introduction of Prof. Antastasia Mashkova, Vice-President of the Russian University and Director of International Relations, where a meeting was held. In consultation with the Russian delegation in the office of Assiut University in Cairo in order to develop cooperation between the two sides in the geological fields, also included the program of their visit to Cairo visit to some educational institutions and research projects, as well as included visits to the most important tourist and archaeological monuments in Cairo, within the framework of Assiut University is keen to contribute to the revitalization of Egyptian tourism and to emphasize its security and security.