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Assiut University President opens exhibition Innovations of integrated technology complex students On the sidelines of the fourth forum of the complex
Prof. Tarek El-Jammal, President of Assiut University, stressed the university's efforts to move Assiut University to the ranks of third-generation universities, which are working to harness their scientific and human potential to develop and promote industrial fields by going in parallel in several axes including the development of educational courses and develop the special departments and programs in the number the university's faculties to meet the tremendous and diverse development in the needs of the labor market besides the unique university in the Faculty of Sugar Industry Technology and integrated industries, which is the only specialty of its kind in the countries of Africa and the Middle East and within 4 institutions Scientific only in the world, in addition to containing the university's first and largest integrated technology unit at the level of Egyptian universities, which integrates its efforts and specialties with the leading and distinguished role played by the Integrated Technological Education Complex at Assiut University in the development of Technical education by supporting and qualifying young people in various practices in cooperation with the German partner.