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The President of Assiut University launches the 4th Forum for Partnership between Technology And Industry Complexes on the Development of Technical Education and Vocational Training Systems in Egypt in partnership with Industry
Prof. Tarek El-Jammal, President of Assiut University, praised the success of the Integrated Technology Complex and the surge of quality through its cooperation with the German side, which is considered to embrace his work, sponsorship and support of its activities as one of the university's priorities, in recognition of its outstanding and unique role in completing The university's educational and technological system to serve and develop technical education by providing the student with technical, community and behavioral skills that qualifies him to meet the needs of the labor market and strong competition in his various fields.
This came during the launch of the fourth forum of partnership between technology complexes and industry entitled "Towards the development of technical education and vocational training in partnership with industry in Egypt", organized by the Integrated Technology Complex at Assiut University, under the auspices of Major General Jamal Noureddine Governor of Assiut Dr. Tarek Al-Jamal, President of Assiut University and in the presence of Engineer Amr Abdel-Al, Deputy Governor of Assiut, Dr. Adel Abdo, Director of the Integrated Technology Complex, Dr. Ahmed Hassani Al-hiwi, Secretary General of the Education Development Fund headed by the Council of Ministers, and Dr. Shehata Ghraib, Vice President of the University for Education and students, Dr. Maha Ghanem, Vice President of the University for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs, Brigadier General Staff BahaA Abdul Nasser in the Southern Military Region, Dr. Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed Yusuf, representative of Arab Contractors Company, Mrs. Zainab Salah, representative of Cemex Assiut, and Professor Mona Ayoub is a representative of the German-Arab Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Matisse Clare, representative of the delegation of the Ministry of Education in the German state of Baden, Vera Hartmann, representative of the German Construction Bank, and a group of representatives of industrial companies and the Ministry of Higher Education and Technical Education.