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Assiut University President Meets with Korean Delegation to Agree on perparing Joint Medical Research to Treat Joint Roughness
Prof. Tarek El-Jammal, President of Assiut University, stressed that the secret of the excellent health service provided within Assiut University hospitals is its super human cadres who are always open to the latest therapeutic and diagnostic methods used in developed countries. This is what the University is keen to encourage and support to ensure continuous improvement in service performance and increase healing rates.
This came during his reception to a delegation representing Rocket Medical Technology Company in South Korea, which includes Mr. Yonsoli, CEO of the company, Mr. Mngo Kim, Director of Scientific Management, and Ms. Boomi Nam, Head of The Cartilage Team at the Company, in the presence of Prof. Mohammed Mohammed Abdul Hamid, professor in the department of orthopedics and director of the joint arthroscopic unit at the hospital.
During the meeting, the President of Assiut University praised the department of orthopedics as one of the distinguished and advanced departments of the Faculty of Medicine at the level of Egyptian and Arab universities, including skilled scholars in various branches, which helped the university administration to bear the job of building the largest specialized university hospital for injuries and emergencies in the republic with capacity of 450 beds and 18 operating rooms, which are scheduled to be run within the next few months.
For his part, Prof. Mohammed Abdul Hamid revealed that during the meeting he was agreed to be the head of a medical team which is supposed to conduct a joint research including the Korean company and a team of 4 faculty members from the orthopedic department headed by Dr. Moataz Al-Sabrout, head of the department, aiming to use stem cells in the production of cartilage Loaded with stem cells to cover cartilage in cases of rough joints.