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Assiut University Confirms its Keenness to Integrate Students with Disabilities and Special Needs in Society; and the University Sets up their First Specialized Test Center
Prof. Tarek El-Jammal, President of Assiut University, stressed that the university has taken a number of Procedures to support its students with special needs, which will integrate students with their peers and prepare the university environment for them and prepare the colleges to accept them, pointing out that the university is setting up a center for taking care of people with special abilities and needs, in addition to the establishment of the first laboratory in the republic specialized for their tests, which comes in accordance with the strategy of the state and the keenness of the political leadership to provide all means of support and care for them.
This came in the presence of Prof. Shehata Gharib, Vice President of Assiut University for Education and Students Affairs, in the proceedings of the final meeting with members of the university delegation participating in the second Egyptian University Youth Week for the Challenge of Disability, which is organized by The University of Manofia, starting on the first Sunday of September, and also in the presence of Ezzedine Al Mansouri, Director General of the General Directorate of Youth Welfare, Ahmed Rajab, Director of Fitness Department and Cultural Center for the Blind, and Gamal Abdel Nasser, Director of the Center, and Student Ali Jalal, president of the university students' union.
Prof. Shehata Gharib stressed the university administration's continuous efforts to provide moral, psychological and financial support to its students with special needs in the educational process and their practice of student activities normally and their integration with their fellow students, pointing out that the coordination with representatives of the Amideast and Helm Foundations for Education and Training and Consultancy; partners in the establishment of the University's Center for The Disabled within the protocol signed with Assiut University, to travel to the University of Montana in the United States, which is one of the most important American universities that have succeeded in supporting students with disabilities through its developed center in this field to learn in detail about the university of Montana's successful experience in that field and its utilization and application within the University of Assiut.