University News

Assiut University announces the qualification of (24) teams to represent Upper Egypt universities in the Egyptian competition for ECPC software at the level of the Republic, including 17 teams from the university
Assiut University President, Prof. Dr. Tarek El-Gammal, affirmed the keenness of the university administration to pay attention to ICT, computer science and programming, which is one of the basic requirements of the current era.
At the outset of his speech, Dr. Shehata Gharib congratulated the winning teams who are qualified to compete in the programming competition at the level of the Republic, wishing them to attain advanced places, to represent Upper Egypt in an honor way in Republic competition and to qualify in the major competition at the level of the Arab world and the whole world On her part, Dr. Tayseer Abdel Hamid explained that the ICPC Programming Competition saw the participation of 68 teams from Upper Egypt universities, 45 teams from Assiut University, 8 teams from EELU University, 6 teams from Luxor University, 5 teams from Minia University and 4 teams from Beni Suef University, as well as 3 teams from Badr and Stem schools, where each team consists of 3 students, revealing that the competition aims at improving the level of students in programming in order to develop the spirit of students to work as a team, train them to work under pressure, develop their thinking and ability to perform logical analysis, and train them how to invest time, distribute tasks, collaborate between team members. It also aims to let students discover new and advanced ways to learn through the Internet.