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The International Conference on Nursing at Assiut University recommends the inclusion of nursing curricula on artificial intelligence and entrepreneurship to encourage creativity and innovation and to increase awareness among health care providers
2020-02-26Assiut University concluded the activities of the first international conference of nursing faculties in Egyptian universities in Upper Egypt, which was organized by the faculty of nursing at the university under the title "Towards achieving sustainable development ... quality of education and health", under the auspices of Prof. Tarek El Gammal, President of the University, whose opening session witnessed the presence of Prof. Shehata Gharib, vice-President for Education and Student Affairs; Prof. Ahmed Al-Minshawi, Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies; and a group of deans of nursing faculties from various universities, as well as nursing pioneers from a number of Arab universities. The conference also witnessed the participation of specialized professors from the universities of countries of Sudan, Jordan, Germany, and the United States of America as well as from the Saudi German Hospital and Dammam Hospital. The recommendations of the conference included emphasizing the importance of the training program to improve the profession, setting a system for renewing the nursing license every five years, and calling for artificial intelligence and entrepreneurship courses because of their impact upon creativity and innovation. The recommendations also included that the rules for submission be available to arbitrators, and that educational campaigns on the functioning of micronutrients and the dangers of soft drinks be organized.