University News

Assiut University Vice-President receives the Enactus Assiut team participating online in the annual Enactus competition with two national projects for the manufacture of raw wood and the development of cotton harvesting methods
Prof. Tarek El-Gammal, Assiut University President, praised the distinguished university students in the various faculties, who were keen to interact in a number of local and international competitions, noting that the university administration spares no effort in supporting all distinguished students and encouraging them to participate and positively integrate in various student activities.
Regarding the details of the team’s participation in the competition, Abdul Rahman Safwat, the team’s leader, explained that the team’s participation in the competition is through two national projects, one of which is a project for manufacturing counter wood as a local industry in an innovative way from palm fronds.
The second project is the development of a method of cultivating and harvesting cotton, where chemical pesticides have been replaced by a natural biological fungus, which does not negatively affect the quality of the cotton, as well as a machine to harvest cotton in a simple and innovative way.